Instructions : Quizbango App Get Paid To Take Quiz

Quizbango is the first of its kind in Nigeria and Africa at large. You get paid to take quiz. Now this is where it gets interesting.

You are not just developing your IQ while taking the quiz but you are also getting paid from us just to say thank you for taking quiz on our platform.

Now follow the simple instructions below to setup your account and start taking quiz. This is how QuizBango works.

How To Get Paid

First we have three options of payment which is as follows.


You get paid with airtime recharge if you are able to stand on the required rank position on the leaderboard on daily basis. Payment is done every day to the users who are able to keep their required leaderboard standing within 24hours. this payment option is for those who wish to get airtime if they don’t have bank details and it is only available to users from Nigeria.

To add your details for this form of payment. Click on settings and then on profile, there you will see your information. in the bank option box where you are suppose to add bank details, instead of bank details, add this as follows.

note that the leaderboard ranking postions will reset all users ranking back to zero by 12:10am Nigeria time. this is made in other to allow all users compete again from ground zero. it gives even newly registered users the chance to join the platform and still outrank anyone that is topping the leaderboard as anyone can win with quizbango app.

Bank Holder Name: this should be your real name

Bank name: should be the mobile network you wish to get e.g MTN, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel etc while in the

bank account number:  add your mobile phone number you wish to receive the airtime on. Make sure its correct so we can also use it to reach you.

if you have not downloaded app yet, CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


you get paid to your bank account if you are able to stand on the required position on the leaderboard on daily basis. this option of payment is only available to Nigerians. So you will have to add your bank details in your profile page.

Just go to the profile option and add your bank details. Please note that you will only get paid if the account details correspond with your quizbango name. so make sure your name is correctly inserted in your profile.

So if you are a foreign user, then click link below to download chippercash app and then add your chippercash tag name as bank details

3: CHIPPERCASH PAYMENT: this payment option is for those living in other country and for now it supports the following countries for this payment option .

Currently They support users in Countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda

so if you are living in the aforementioned countries listed, then you will get paid the equivalent of naira conversion to your country’s currency. to add your chippercash details, just go to your profile and then in the bank option box, add this as follows.

Bank Holder Name: here insert your full name.

Bank Name: insert “ChipperCash”

Bank account number: insert your chippercash tag username example @pautina.

You can get your chippercash tag name by launching chippercash app and go to profile, there you will be asked to create the tag name.

if you’ve not download app yet, CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

How Much Do We Pay For The Leaderboard Positions

For now we have 3 positions to qualify you for payment. So users who are able to stand in the following position on the leaderboard get paid as follows at the end of the day. you will see your earnings by clicking the side menu, then click Earnings Option. There you will see your earnings.

Position 1: You Get Paid #700 Naira airtime or bank payment or equivalent of naira conversion of this amount in your country’s currency if using chippercash for foreign users.

That is for the foreign users if you reside in other country, the #700 naira will be converted automatically to your country’s currency when sending it to you through chippercash.

Position 2: you will get paid #500 or equivalent of naira bank payment, or airtime or conversion of this amount in your country’s currency on Chippercash

Position 3: you will get paid #300 airtime or bank payment or equivalent of naira conversion of this amount in your country’s currency on Chippercash.

It maybe little but the idea is our little way of saying thank you for taking quiz that will also benefit you by exposing your IQ to learning new with time, this will be adjusted to enable our users smile .

How To Take Quiz

once you login, you will see various options, just click the quiz option. There you will see 3 categories.

Hard, Medium and Easy. Just select any of them to start the quiz. Each categories has mark assigned to it. So higher mark for the difficult ones which you will see on the category.


We just don’t want to leave you hanging, so There are life lines which you can use to help yourself for quiz answers. There is 50/50 lifeline and Ask Computer Lifeline.

with this, you can ease yourself to get some answers hints. So to use the lifelines, you are only allowed 4 chances to use the lifeline which are.

That is 2 chances to use the 50/50 and 2 chances to use the ask computer lifeline on each quiz section. You will be allowed to use lifeline with coins earned , But if you don’t want to use your coins by saving it for the raining days, then you can use the other free option by watching video which gives you free access to lifelines. So you can use both lifelines for that quiz section. The lifelines will always be available on every new quiz section.

So if you don’t have any coins or you want to save it for the raining days, then you will have to click the watch video to use the lifeline for free.

After clicking the watch video, you will have to wait for the video time to complete before closing it else you will not be giving the coins to use the lifeline. So after watching and closing it. Click on the lifeline button again to use it.

50/50 lifeline takes away two incorrect answers leaving you with 1 correct answer and 1 incorrect answer.

Ask computer lifeline gives you percentage of correct answers. Higher percentage is often the correct answer.

Other Fun Activities

We have other fun activities like the news section to stay informed on latest happenings around the world for educational purpose.

Current affairs section : this is where we publish current affairs. This will help you get prepared because you may come across those in quiz section. The current affairs section should be your friend to get hint on some questions which you may come across when taking quiz.

Notification section: This is where we publish updates on winners of leaderboard positions, giveaway, update on our app and lots more interesting information’s about changes in our platform. So always check notification section to check for new updates on daily winners and other updates

Chat Room section: Here you can use the chatrooms for educational learning with other users on the platform. This will enable you to get first hand tips and secret information’s on how other users are able to scale through to the top position on leaderboard. More rooms will be added for learning and getting help using the app.

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