play quiz to win prizes

have you been looking for play quiz to win prizes. well i will share with you one of the secret site that allows you to make money with your mobile phone by playing quiz online and they support lots of countries like Nigeria ??, Ghana ??, Kenya ??, South Africa ??, Uganda ??, Tanzania ??, and Rwanda ??! etc. play quiz to win prizes is one of the best way to get paid to take quizzes for your time. play quiz to win prizes, offers lots of opportunity to earn money online at your leisure period and you learn new things in the process.

a lot of people have been earning cash prize on this quiz app i am about to share with you and if you take it serious, you will surely earn a lot of money doing this over time by just sitting at home using your mobile phone. so imagine getting paid #1000 or its equivalent foreign currency per day for competing with others to take quiz. with play quiz to win prizes, you can take part in this from the comfort of your home using your mobile phone.

even while you are learning new stuffs every day as you answer the quizzes, you are getting paid. isn’t this awesome. lots of online quiz game doesn’t pay you to do this, but this one i want to share with you pays and they have been paying lots of their users through the if you have been searching for play quiz to win prizes, then below is the online quiz app that pays you to take quiz.

QUIZBANGO: Get Paid To Take Quiz Online app.

quizbango app is a platform you can use to play online quiz and win cash prize which will be sent to your bank account in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda.

so for now, Quizbango Supports and Pays Users From Countries like Nigeria ??, Ghana ??, Kenya ??, South Africa ??, Uganda ??, Tanzania ??, and Rwanda ??!. other countries will be added in the future.

quizbango started its activities on telegram social media platform which you can see here but we had to develop an android application due to the limited resources available to us while using the telegram quiz bot. lots of people were taking quizzes and trying to cheat the system. so we had to develop a professional android app to enable all users take quiz and earn money without cheating the system. with this, all users that make use of the app takes quizzes which is randomly given by the app and you have to fight to climb to the top of the leaderboard ranking to become winner for that day.sounds great right.

how does quizbango work : play quiz to win prizes

quizbango works just like every quiz platform but it is unique in its own ways in the sense that there are unlimited questions in the platform 24/7. so no one is ever going to lack questions, there is no waiting as you can even wake up at the middle of the night to take quiz. the concept of this is to enable everyone become a winner provided you have what it takes to beat others by outranking them on the leaderboard and everyone is given the same chances to do that on daily basis because the system will reset all users ranking to zero after 24 hours so that they will compete with each other again, giving everyone equal opportunity to win. so with this concept, even new users on the platform can compete with old members.

play quiz to win prizes : Quizbango Payment Methods

quizbango pays their users both locally and foreign through bank account, Airtime Recharge, Chippercash if you are in nigeria, you will get paid through bank account or airtime depending on your choice of payment selected in the app.

foreign users such as Ghana ??, Kenya ??, South Africa ??, Uganda ??, Tanzania ??, and Rwanda ??, gets paid through the app called Chippercash. we wouldn’t have been able to pay foreign users if not for this app and you can check our payment proof here to see how lots of people from various countries have been paid through chippercash. you too can be paid provided your country is supported to use the chippercash cross border payment application. so all you need to do is to download the app and then register an account with them. then add your chippercash payment ID Tag in your profile settings in quizbango quiz app so you will get paid.

play quiz to win prizes : Quizbango Features

Quiz Section : quizbango get paid to take quiz section is where the real thing happens. this is where every users in the app takes quizzes. in this section, you will see several quiz category such as Easy, Medium, Hard etc.all the category has marks assigned to them. so if you think you can take quizzes from hard, then you can try it. whichever the case may be, you get the exact mark for taking quizzes in any of the categories assigned to it.

Instructions Section : the instruction section in quizbango get paid for taking quizzes is where you will read the full guide on how to setup your account after registration. this will guide you through the process of using quizbango to take quiz and earn money. so after creating a quizbango account, don’t forget to read the instruction section so you will know the right process to setup your account without stress.

Notification Section: the notification section in quizbango get paid to take quiz app, you will see interesting updates on winners of the day, update on app and other information. we shall be posting the quiz of the day winners. everyone needs to be at alert by checking the notification section everyday to know who emerge the winners of the quiz of the day. so on daily basis, all winners will be announced and published in the notification section. also will will be posting updates about our app and usage in the notification section too.

Leaderboard Section: in quizbango app that pay you to take quiz, you will see a leaderboard option which displays all the users ranking position. here is where you will see where you stand in the ranking position. with this, you will know your rankings position as well as other users so you can do better. like i had said, don’t ever think because you are ranking as number 1 in the leaderboard position, then you will relax.

doing this may not favour you as anyone can outrank you within seconds because as long as the time its not up to 24hours, then you cannot relax because someone else is obviously trying to outrank you in the leaderboard position to win the price. so always take more quiz to have chances of standing in the required leaderboard position so you don’t get outranked by others within seconds. you can always check your leaderboard rankings in real time. this means it is updated on real time.

News Section : here we shall be posting news update on current happenings around the world. so you can read interesting news on current happenings in the app on real time. so when you feel the need to relax, you can use that moment to read interesting news, who knows , some of the news you read, you might come across a question from such news during quiz section. so always take time to read news also in the app.

Current Affairs Section: in the current affairs section in quizbango get paid to take news app, you will see interesting current affairs post which will expose you to more knowledgeable and educational post which you might even see during quiz section. so don’t joke with this section as interesting current affairs post will be made.

Chat Room Section: in the chatroom section, you get to chat with other users in real time. in this sections, there will be topic of discussion where you get to chat on educational stuffs and other random stuffs within the scope of the app and education, knowledge etc. you will even get to learn how other users get to top the rankings, their secret tips and tricks they used to get to top ranking position. so you can always check the chatroom section for more engagement.

Settings Section: if you wish to edit your profile, then click on the settings section to do that. there you can edit your profile details such as your name, bank account and every other things.

play quiz to win prizes : Reasons Why You Should Start Using Quizbango App

1: the app is an educative platform which you can use to expand your knowledge by learning new things. so aside the cash prize you will get, you also equip yourself with new knowledge in various categories such as history, technology, general knowledge, science, entertainment, current affairs etc.

2: you are getting paid daily if you emerge winner for that day and payment is swift.

3: the news section in the app keeps you informed on the latest happenings around the word

4; the current affairs section in the app keeps you informed on the latest general knowledge (gk) current affairs in the world to learn new stuffs.

5: the chat section in the app enable you to get connected with other users in the app and discuss educational stuffs and also sharing ideas on the secret they are using to take their quizzes and outrank other users. this app is loaded with educational and fun activities that will keep you busy which at the end of the day, you are sure to learn new things on daily basis.